The collaboration between the Faculty of Information Technology of Universitas Advent Indonesia (FTI UNAI) and Mikrotik is a strategic move that benefits both parties. Mikrotik, as a global manufacturer of networking tools, has a reputation for providing powerful hardware and software for network management. The establishment of Mikrotik Academy on the UNAI campus signifies the serious commitment of the university in integrating the latest networking technologies into their educational curriculum, as well as imparting practical knowledge relevant to current industry needs.

UNAI's Faculty of Information Technology has been using Mikrotik products since 2009, which includes various router models such as the RouterBOARD 450G to the more advanced CCR series. The implementation of various Mikrotik features, such as firewall, routing, and Captive Portal, demonstrates the high level of technical competence of the faculty and technicians at UNAI. This experience not only supports UNAI's own IT infrastructure but also provides a strong basis for practical education to students.

The experts and trainers at UNAI who hold Mikrotik certifications, including MTCNA (MikroTik Certified Network Associate), MTCRE (MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer), and MTCTCE (MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer), have the capacity to deliver quality training. These certifications attest to their expertise in implementing and managing network solutions required by many organizations.

The MTCNA training that will be held on campus offers students the opportunity to earn an industry-recognized certification. With the certification, students not only gain technical knowledge but also validation of competencies that can enhance their career prospects as a Network Administrator Professional. The course will likely include an in-depth understanding of configuring, maintaining, and monitoring networks that use Mikrotik devices.

Furthermore, this collaboration can enhance UNAI's visibility as a center of excellence in IT education and networking systems. Students trained at Mikrotik Academy will have ready-to-use skills, which are in high demand in the job market. This not only enhances their employability but also helps meet the industry's need for a skilled workforce in network management.

With the development of Mikrotik Academy, UNAI also has the potential to become a hub for networking knowledge development in the region, strengthen collaboration between academia and industry, and expand research and development opportunities in networking technology.