Information Systems Program


The vision of the UNAI Information Systems Study Program is to become a faculty that organizes educational programs in the field of information and communication technology that excel at the national level based on the philosophy of Adventist Christian education that produces quality graduates in 2020.


  1. Organizing education in the field of information and communication technology that is high quality, innovative and based on the basics of Adventist Christian education for all levels of society;
  2. Carrying out research that is innovative, solution-oriented, sustainable, and sensitive to the development of information and communication technology, and the needs of society;
  3. Conducting community service activities to improve the dignity and standard of living and community empowerment through the utilization of information communication technology.


  1. Producing graduates in the field of information systems who are devoted to God Almighty, competent, honest, trustworthy, responsible, have integrity and uphold Christian values;
  2. Producing graduates who excel in the field of information systems, both at the national and global levels, who are adaptable, innovative and can contribute to solving the problems of society and the nation;
  3. To become an educational institution in the field of innovative information systems, good governance, conducive academic atmosphere, able to adapt to changes and developments in information and communication technology, based on and integrated with Christian educational values;
  4. To become a leading institution in conducting research activities in the field of information systems that aim to develop knowledge in the field of information systems and find creative and innovative solutions to the problems of society, nation and state.