1. All businesses in the current era are highly dependent on information technology such as banking, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, financial services companies, education, politics, and so on which will require information technology workers to run them.
  2. Indonesia needs 17 million workers in the digital economy by 2030.
  3. Users of information technology products and applications continue to grow, which means that the information technology industry is still growing.
  4. Information technology continues to develop, this means that the field of information technology always has products that are marketed to the public.
  5. The field of information technology work is very broad and diverse, such as: web developer, mobile programming, data scientist, game developer, system administrator, database administrator, network administrator, system analyst, IT support, IT project manager, IT and IS auditor, IT security.
  6. An internationally recognized information technology professional certification system enables professionals to
    in the IT field is open to an international career.
  7. IT graduates can not only be a worker, but can also create their own jobs.