Why Choose UNAI's Faculty of
Information Technology ?

  • Qualified Lecturers and Committed to Serving
  • Complete and adequate supporting facilities
  • Curriculum in accordance with the needs of the Information Technology Industry
  • Internship Program in the Information Technology Industry
  • Study While Working for Scholarships
  • International Certification

Message from the Dean
Andrew F. Pakpahan, M.T., Ph.D.

UNAI Faculty of Information Technology is a faculty that organizes educational programs in the field of information and communication technology.

International Certification

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and in various other domestic and foreign companies.

I chose UNAI because at unai we are required to socialize with each other, especially in the dormitory. We are required not to be selfish and share with our friends. Besides the dormitory, I like the environment at UNAI, where UNAI has fresh air and beautiful nature, which allows me to be more enthusiastic in doing lecture activities.

Jeremy Panjaitan, Sinarmas Mining - Software Engineer

The Faculty of Information Technology at Universitas Advent Indonesia is one of the most recommended faculties for prospective students who want to pursue education in the field of information technology. Having a beautiful and comfortable natural nuance is suitable for students to gain knowledge calmly and also focus. FTI UNAI has a comprehensive curriculum and is oriented towards the current needs of the IT industry. In addition, FTI UNAI also has teaching staff who are qualified, experienced, and always ready to help students develop their potential. In addition, the teachers also live close to the campus so that students can easily find and contact the teachers. The facilities owned by FTI UNAI are also very adequate, ranging from complete computer laboratories to supporting internet access. I highly recommend FTI UNAI as an ideal place to gain knowledge in the field of information technology.

Yosua Richel, Software Engineer - Tokopedia

As an alumnus of UNAI's Information Systems program, I am grateful that studying at UNAI had a great impact on my career. It gave me a strong foundation to work in the field of information technology and business management. The knowledge and guidance from lecturers and faculty, teaching methods that are suitable for the times, good social and spiritual values are very helpful for me to become a competent person at work, can provide good value for the company and colleagues, become a good decision maker and can be a light everywhere.

Garry Bersnov Nicodemus Ujudeda, Traveloka - Senior Quality Engineer


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